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Michelle Present, author of Count 2 Indulge, struggled for years with weight and body image. As a dancer, she knew that maintaining weight and being healthy needed to be mutually exclusive in order to keep the work flowing in. Count 2 Indulge is a lifestyle program that promotes healthy, nutritious eating habits while allowing you to enjoy all the foods you love to indulge in — without guilt, frustration, or yo-yo dieting. She was desperate to find something that worked, and other diets just seemed to create the yo-yo effect. What she realized was that even if she did have the willpower to control her eating, it would only be a matter of time before she weakened and splurged again on something she shouldn’t have. Besides, why should she deprive herself of the foods she loved? Sick of the roller coaster numbers on the scale, she came up with something simple and easy that allowed her to eat all the foods she still loved. It was not a restrictive, unsustainable weight loss diet, it was a method of by-sight calculating that provided a permanent solution. And the best part was, she could still indulge and eat the foods she loved. Now in her 60s, Michelle is living life to the fullest. She loves dancing, laughing, and indulging in life’s greater pleasures — including delicious food that is typically “forbidden.” And she loves every minute of it!

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My willpower comes from my freedom.  My addictions are more pronounced without other loves/hobbies/exercise. My "refined foods" are in my maximum ratio of 80% vs 20%. Meaning i don't exceed 20% in my nonorganic, refined, processed etc. choices I will hope to challenge your goal taking. Looking forward to inspiring you to succeed in your discipline

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Tips From Helping My Boyfriend Recover From Cancer Treatment

I give myself 20% margin for "not-so Clean Eating" 80% vs 20% rule!  No Antibiotic / free range / clean meats.  Actually, we decreased beef and pork to once every week or two.  We gave ourselves a veggie drink on a fairly empty stomach every day or every other day with organic:Kale or Spinach, Beets, Celery, Green [...]

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2, 4, 6, Cake!

“ 2, 4, 6 + Cake! This system I just can’t fake. Whatever it takes, whatever I feel, I can chose at the very NEXT meal. So slooooooow down and estimate, just estimate! ”

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“You’ve got 50 here, 100 there, 150 everywhere. Caaaaaalories! Don’t be suspicious, cause they’re delicious!”

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Welcome to Count 2 Indulge!

Michelle Present offers the Count 2 Indulge program to guide you in your journey to your perfect weight. Her philosophy for losing weight can be fun, delicious, and healthy. Guided by these principles, Michelle has created a proven method that will empower you to remove the fear, boredom, and yo-yo effects that are associated [...]

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