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Count 2 Indulge is currently available to the public by invitation only. If you would like to take the free course, please go to “Contact Us” and send us a note.

Developed 40+ years ago by Michelle Present, author, dancer and musician, Count 2 Indulge is a proven system of living that allows for indulgences in all the foods you love while eating a balance of healthy, nutritious foods. Using food categories and by-sight measurements, Count 2 Indulge is a fulfilling lifestyle that teaches you to estimate your food group quantities without guilt, shame, or stressful calculating. Yes you’ll count… Count on seeing results! Count on becoming a better version of yourself! This program will teach you to identify the IMBALANCE in your life that contributes to bad habits and food cravings. Once the problems are identified, the C2i system will help you face your fears and roadblocks HEAD ON… Because this is the real deal.

What is Count 2 Indulge?

Count 2 Indulge is not a diet at all. It’s a personal, healthy lifestyle program that focuses on moderation – not deprivation – so that you can enjoy all the foods that you love without guilt or rollercoaster weight gain.

What makes this program better than any diet plan?

  • Never deprive yourself of the food you love.
  • C2i is a full online video course consisting of over 30 videos with helpful charts, tools & a great online Tracker app to map your progress.

  • The C2i lifestyle program has no need for a calculator.

  • No more ignoring or avoiding your cravings.
  • Forget about gaining that weight back and yo-yo dieting!
  • Only REAL food, NO Supplements or costly shakes.
  • No more #FOMO (fear of missing out) In LIFE and all of your greatest indulgences.
  • Don’t Dip into the savings! This plan is EXTREMELY affordable!

Recipe for Success… only 5 Ingredients

Start Your Food Adventure

Weightloss While Injured!!

July 2022

Eating! Not Dieting!

July 2022

No one should go without food, yet Feeding America estimates over 50 million people in America will face hunger this year.

Count2indulge has joined with Feeding America to help end hunger.

Count2indulge has created a fundraiser to help provide much needed meals to our neighbors through the Feeding America network of food banks. For all of you who find Count2indulge helpful to you and are looking for a way to give back, I would encourage you to help in this important cause.

Every $1 donated helps provide at least 10 meals. It only takes a little to make a big difference. Will you help in this fight to end hunger?

Click on the Donate button below and let’s end hunger together while educating ourselves to reach our health goals to live our lives as fully as possible.


Stop the yo-yo dieting and give yourself permission to indulge!

After all, what’s the point of having cake if you can’t eat it too?

How It Works

With C2i, you can indulge in all the foods you love and still lose weight, feel great, and look better than you ever have before.

Count 2 Indulge will teach you how to move past fad diets, unfulfilling meal plans and potentially dangerous weight loss plans that will not solve the problem long term. Are you ready for a lifestyle plan that will finally allow you to reach the permanent results that you need and deserve?

Success stories

“Since your Ironman visit, 10/7, at Starbuck’s, I have lost 28 pounds. This exceeds my original “ideal” goal by 4 pounds. I can’t tell you how happy I am with my success and how happy my husband is as well. More days than not, I experience a lighter and brighter attitude about what happens in my everyday life. I have learned one thing I would like to share with you: There are no coincidences. I definitely believe in this! Thank you Michelle! Your plan is the simplest I have ever used.”

Kristi Renaud

On top of struggling all my life to keep my weight up, in 2016, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Chemotherapy took away my appetite and within the first 2 weeks I dropped a lot of weight, which alarmed me. I needed to know how to eat more than my body was burning to regain weight and maintain it.

Count2indulge changed the way I thought about food and life! I added 400 calories to my regular maintenance calories, drank lots and lots of water, juiced, and picked foods that appealed to me in all the balanced food groups, avoiding processed and other harmful foods almost entirely. I gratefully have been in remission since 2017, and have a daily meditation and stretching practice which helps tremendously.

Now, my energy level is sky high and I have a simple plan to keep my calories up, without adding extra sugar to my body. What a relief! Who knew Count2indulge can also help us folks to gain weight healthily using her plan? Thanks Michelle!

Bobby Jablonski

“I started Count2indulge about 5 months ago, and literally half that time I have been challenged with back issues, covid and sciatica. Needless to say, exercise was hardly an option and I have still managed to lose 20+ pounds. Before I began, I didn’t have much accountability and my lack of routine caused many imbalances but because Count2indulge addresses all the self-care needs and helped me retrain my lifestyle, I now have more overall positivity and vitality!”

Marlena Primavera

“Michelle, Thank you for helping me have a stronger, leaner body at age 64, than I ever had at any age! I was always overweight! I didn’t think your program would work. Why should it when all others failed? The reason it worked is because it is so simple. I became a very fit, but fat athlete at age 52 when I began triathlons. I enjoyed sports, but I didn’t excel. I completed the Hawaiian Ironman. I couldn’t help but notice that I was one of the fattest women in the race at 157 pounds. After doing your Count 2 Indulge Program my weight dropped to 139 pounds! I feel healthy and strong…”

Babette Kulka

“Count2indulge brought a lifestyle change…a transformation. It’s not just about reducing calories and transforming my body… but enhancing my spirit and my mind. The Count2indulge Tracker allows me to indulge and I’m not depriving myself of one thing. I’m eating! I’m nourishing my body, my mind and my spirit! Join me! Let’s track together!”

Judy Sheldon

“Michelle you ARE an amazing INSPIRATION!!! You share with both your heart and mind and educate body and spirit—I gained more wisdom, self awareness, acceptance and love—I began the program hurricane season. Managed to survive hurricane parties, the holidays—had the self discipline to quit smoking after 20 plus years and LOST 25 POUNDS! WOW! All I had to do was live a richer more abundant life! Thank you!”

Lisa Mariniello

“Your diet is an easy diet to remember and to follow. I count my calories during the day, I subtract any exercise calories that I used and the final calorie count lets me decide if I can have another snack. In Dec. 2016, I was 143 lbs. In May 2017, I was 127 lbs. Today Aug. 2017, I am 130 lbs. That is because my grandchildren were visiting for a week and we ate breakfast lunch dinner and lots of snacks.”

Rebecca Fischer

Before I learned about Count2Indulge my eating habits were out of control. With Count2Indulge I found complete control and was very happy. Now, my life is relaxed and easy. I am grateful that I found this program, and am very happy with the way I look.

Susan Fox
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