photo © Julie Weber

Michelle says, “Old hobbies, new hobbies… creative expression serves many wonderful purposes!”

SpiritArts by Lynn Miller, Music Therapist, adjunct faculty Immaculata Univ., Co-Founder Expressive Therapy Concepts

Michelle says, “A nice hot bath with epsom salts has lots of magnesium. If you want to head to sleep at 10 for example, set your calendar alert for 8 so you have 2 hrs to make it happen!” Read More

Michelle says, “Love Attracts Love… Self-Love is First.” Read More

Michelle says, “Your mind needs a vacation! Not easy at first, but just practice. Start with one hand on lungs and one on belly. Fill up belly, not lungs for 4 slow counts. Hold one. Exhale for 4 slow counts. Counting will clear your mind. Eventually you won’t have to count here either… lol! Repeat 5 times to begin”

Carolyn Viola (Orff-Schulwerk, Laban Movement Analysis, graduate of Music For People) says, “Breath is the Foundation” Read More

Michelle says, “Start slow, and pick something you might like!”

Dr. Iemolo (Psy.D., BCBA, R-DMT, Assistant Prof. at Univ. of New Mexico) says, “Your ‘workout’ shouldn’t be work. It should be fun…”  Read More

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