Count 2 Indulge In The News

Read the buzz about Count 2 Indulge, the updated and expanded version of Michelle Present's first book Do It! or DIET®. Revolutionary in its simplicity, Count 2 Indulge is a practical method for safe weight loss and life long weight maintenance!

Sun-Sentinel / “Losers Celebrate”

The participants at the YMCA in Hollywood, FL, come away with the peace and knowledge that they can actually have a dream and reach their goal without deprivation. It prepares them to handle vacations, restaurants, holidays and real delicious food.

South Florida Sun Times / “Dancer loses 500 pounds?”

Over the years as a dancer she gained and lost more than 500 pounds!” Why is Do It! or DIET® so DIFFERENT?? “Maintenance… is the key,” Michelle said. “Why bother losing, if you are going to regain it.”

Diario Las Americas “Michelle is on a mission”

“Do It! or DIET® ” author Michelle Present – Book. Her formula is simple. Now she is “on a mission” to bring her simple TRUTH to everyone who’s tired of disappointment from the DIET INDUSTRY’s empty promises and large profits while she lives life to the fullest.

Dancer Magazine / “Who is Michelle Present? A dancer who finally got control of her weight.”

“So just who is this Michelle Present anyway?“… asks a reporter at Dancer Magazine. “She’s a dancer who thought that rehearsing an average of six hours per day would finally help her control her weight, but unfortunately physical activity was insufficient” She’s now a size 3 and says that, "I now eat the most delicious foods and am free to choose! Indulgence without the ridiculous guilt, while staying thin.”

Dr. Roxana McSherry, Ph.D, Holistic Nutritionist / “A great tool.”

“This is an exciting and important book of our time. It focuses on the basics of losing weight within real life situations. Through desperation and failure with traditional methods of losing weight, Michelle Present’s goal became clear and logical…making counting food simple. As a Dietitian and a Doctor of Holistic Nutrition, I see her system “Do It! or DIET® ” as a great tool to help change habits consciously and subconsciously. I congratulate her!”
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