Count 2 Indulge will quickly become more of a lifestyle than a diet for you. Unlike crazy fad diets that eliminate important nutrients, C2i is based on balanced eating using a practical approach you can actually maintain and it eventually becomes second-nature.

Yes! Our program will help you find your balance and allow you to enjoy your favorite foods at the same time. Over time, you will be able to indulge in your cravings while enjoying decadent dishes without guilt!

You can still follow the Count 2 Indulge program if you have special dietary needs. Many of our clients are diabetic, lactose intolerant or follow a gluten-free diet. Some simple food substitutions will do the trick.

The truth is, Calories DO count. Estimating and learning how to tell when your body is full or hungry takes a little time… but it’s well worth it! The C2i tools will teach you to approximate while helping you achieve and then maintain your desired weight.

There is a lot to learn. BUT after a week or two of practicing the Count 2 Indulge method you should see results!  And the more you do it, the more it becomes second-nature.  There’s no need to memorize and we’ll show you all the secrets needed for you to achieve your weight goals forever!

Definitely not. Count 2 Indulge is all about showing you how to make balanced choices while still enjoying your favorite indulgences. No need to buy expensive pre-packaged foods.

I don’t charge anything for the Count 2 Indulge program.  To get complete access to the program, all you need to do is contact me via the Contact Us page here on this site.  However, I do encourage everyone in the program to “pay it forward” by donating to Feeding America through our fundraiser to help end hunger in the U.S.  You can find more information here!

Activity is necessary for a healthy, balanced life. However, going to the gym is NOT necessary. C2i encourages physical activity that you ENJOY. No grueling workouts are required.

The goal with Count 2 Indulge is healthy, steady weight loss; not necessarily to lose weight quickly. This program includes motivation for those who need encouragement.

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