Count 2 Indulge is so easy to grasp and follow that it will quickly become more of a lifestyle than a diet. Unlike crazy fad diets that eliminate important nutrients, Count 2 Indulge is based on balanced eating using a practical approach you can actually maintain.
Yes! Our program will teach you to develop willpower and still enjoy your favorite foods. You will be able to indulge in your cravings with success. Enjoy decadent dishes without guilt!
You can still follow the Count 2 Indulge program if you have special dietary needs. Many of our clients are diabetic, lactose intolerant or follow a gluten free diet. Some simple food substitutions will do the trick.

The truth is, Calories DO count. Learning to approximate until you teach your very smart body how to listen for being full or hungry takes a little time… but well worth it! This tool will teach you to approximate while serving you in maintaining your desired weight.

Not at all. 1 week on Count 2 Indulge will teach you all you need to learn. No need to memorize and we’ll show you some key principles you can use to conquer your weight goal forever!
Definitely not. Count 2 Indulge is all about showing you how to make balanced choices while still enjoying your favorite indulgences. No need to buy expensive pre-packaged foods.
Activity is necessary for more challenging weight loss goals. However, going to the gym is NOT. C2i can help you develop an exercise routine that fits your needs. No grueling workouts required.
The goal with Count 2 Indulge is healthy, steady weight loss; not necessarily to lose weight quickly. This program includes some motivating exercises for those who need encouragement.
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