Diet Tips From Helping My Boyfriend Recover From Cancer Treatment

//Diet Tips From Helping My Boyfriend Recover From Cancer Treatment

Diet Tips From Helping My Boyfriend Recover From Cancer Treatment

I give myself 20% margin for “not-so Clean Eating” 80% vs 20% rule!
No Antibiotic / free range / clean meats.  Actually, we decreased beef and pork to once every week or two.

We gave ourselves a veggie drink on a fairly empty stomach every day or every other day with organic:
Kale or Spinach, Beets, Celery, Green Apple, Carrots, Ginger. We are talking about a juicer here, not a blender. THEN, it’s drinkable and delicious!

Some ph strips to check weekly that your urine is alkaline.

Not more than 200 calories of sugar/alcohol daily, little or no meat, little or no processed food, 2 cups fruit, 4 cups veggies daily.

Now, when the individual is losing weight due to dryness and lack of desire to eat, here are some things that worked for us.
Acupuncture helped a lot. Lots of water constantly. Have easy snacks that are high in calories but not sugar. For example two handfuls of cashews and a handful of raisins are about 400 calories. A few cups of grapes or frozen grapes are 300 for 2 cups.

Finally, also on empty stomach daily or every other day, usually alternating with veggie drink:
*Teaspoon of baking soda in glass
*Add cup of good water, stir
*Squeeze small lemon (organic preferably, but that rind is pretty thick and they are $1.50 per organic lemon usually!!!)
*Stir… watch out for overflow drink❤️

After starting chemo, white blood cells are pretty low, so taking supplements, acupuncture and the juicing and guidelines I shared to raise it, is to build. Chemo pulls it done a lot and dries up everything. Juicing and keeping your body alkaline can truly build it up and build your immune system. As you know, stay as stress-free as possible… not easy during this time. So, get proactive with diet, meditating and exercise, even if it’s walking or stretching. Creative positive visualization is also wonderful❤️make that time a priority. Some music time would help a lot too!

“The Truth about Cancer” by TyBollinger is excellent. The DVD’s were easier to understand for us.

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